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Bath Salt & Bath Bomb Gift Set

as low as $9.15
Item: HGG100

3" Cylinder with oil infused bath salt and square shrink wrapped bath bomb in organza draw string bag.

Colors: Organza Bag: Grey or White; Bath Salt & Bath Bomb Scent/Color options: Cloud 9/Yellow, Exhale/Blue, Focus/Green, Immunity/Rose, Invigorate/Orange, Tranquility/Purple, Karma/White; Confetti Fill: Brown
Made in USA
Themes: Beauty, Health, Spa
Size: Organza Bag: 7" H x 5" W; Cylinder (Salt): 3"H x 1 1/4"D; Bath Bomb: 2" Square.
Eco Friendly: Salt & Bomb: Yes. Organza Bag: No.

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